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How is TABLE FOR TWO different from other dating services?

We are all about the matching process and about knowing our clients well. Unlike other services, we do not believe clients should be part of a "numbers game." We qualify our clients, get to know them on a personal basis and, yes, listen to them very, very carefully.

Also, Table For Two is the only locally-owned and operated dating service / matchmaker in Minnesota, not a franchise or commercialized chain. Our business is built around our knowledge of Minnesota singles and around your personal needs. We do not have a set of national scripts or rules we have to follow, so our services can be highly customized to meet your individual needs.

Why pay a service to meet someone? Aren't dating services for losers?

Absolutely not. It's actually very high quality busy people who are seeking professional help to reach their personal goals these days. Finding love is one of the most important decisions you will make in a lifetime. And in a service-oriented world, we hire a real estate broker to buy a home, a financial advisor to manage our money and a doctor to manage our health. Our clients are successful, interesting, attractive people, however they want to make the most of their time. They know that while they are busy with their lives, Table For Two is busy working on their personal lives. Our clients know they could eventually find someone on their own, it just may take a while. We accelerate that process so they can start enjoying life to the fullest as a couple sooner.

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Do you accept everyone who comes in to your service?

Table For Two believes in working with quality people. We enjoy working with clients who have integrity and a positive attitude. We also have a very strong belief in doing the right thing. Although we do believe that everyone deserves companionship, if we do not believe that we are the service for you or that your expectations are unrealistic, we will tell you so.

Although the demand for our services is high, we believe the best way to control quality is by knowing our clients well, by conducting background checks and by reserving the right to work with clients of high character.

How do I know that Table For Two is right for me?

If you're wondering "where all the quality singles are in Minnesota," Table For Two is a good start. Beyond that, we strongly encourage you to fill out the contact information form on our website or call to speak with one of our coaches. You will also be invited to come in for a complimentary 30-minute consultation with an expert coach who will ask you pertinent questions about your desires for companionship and who will answer all of your questions. At that time, we'll determine along with you whether Table For Two offers you your best chance for success. If we're not for you, we'll share our expertise with you, so you'll walk away with helpful options. We'll even pick up your parking...

Do you share my private information or my background check information?

Absolutely not. Never. Table For Two keeps all private information, including background check data and your inquiry confidential. We do not share pictures (they are used for internal purposes only), last names, phone numbers or any other personal information.

Do you conduct background checks on all of the people in your client base?

We conduct background checks on all of our members before they are allowed to go out on their first date.

How do I get started?

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