Meet the Matchmakers of Table for 2

Behind the scenes of Table for 2 is a highly trained diverse staff offering coaching and dating expertise that is unmatched by other dating services. Our team of experts provide our clients with the highest quality dating and matchmaking services.

Matt Goldberg (Principle)

Matt is an accomplished business professional who has had the privilege of running many businesses. His forte has been improving the customer experience in existing businesses and markets. When Matt was first exposed to the singles market, he knew there had to be a better way.

When Matt joined Table For Two, he knew that the Company was a diamond in the rough. Its' clients were extremely high quality individuals and it had a reputation for excellence. Since joining the Company, Matt has brought Table For Two to the next level by adding "wellness" components to the business, such as image consultants and Licensed Counselors for Dating Success Assessments and Coaching. He is passionate that all Table For Two clients "put their best foot forward as they enter the dating world."

Matt brings a wealth of business management experience, rich life experience and a MBA from The Carlson School of Management.

Tammy Maddrey (Coach)

Tammy has degrees from both Tulane and Georgetown Universities and comes to us after a career in management consulting and entrepreneurship. She understands the lives and demands of busy professionals because she has always been one! Tammy loves meeting and working with new people and her involvement in social, civic and community organizations is valuable to expanding our membership and client base with high quality individuals.

Living in Wayzata with her husband and two elementary age children, Tammy appreciates the family-like atmosphere at Table for Two. We are not a corporate franchise. We all care for each other and especially for our clients, always thinking of ways to improve the experience and ultimate success for each individual. It is of utmost importance to us to operate with the highest level of integrity and honesty; otherwise, we would not feel comfortable offering our services to so many of our own personal friends, associates and family members.

Tammy's favorite part of her job is sitting down getting to know each new client. The initial consultation may seem daunting to some, and Tammy immediately puts people at ease letting them know the process is supportive, non-judgmental, and most importantly, confidential. Protecting the identities and personal information of each client is of utmost importance to us at Table for Two, and our processes are designed around that goal.

Peg Martel (Vice President)

Peg was told by friends, when coming to work at Table For Two, that there couldn't possibly be a better match. Peg has proven them to be correct. She has a true passion for people that shows every single day.

Peg's professional career has been predominantly in the service and retail industries. She has worked as a client relation's manager for over 20 years. Peg brings an uncanny ability to connect with our clients and is truly a client favorite.

She is raising 2 teenage children, which keeps her quite busy, although she often has to be reminded to leave her clients behind at the end of the day.

Peg has lived in many parts of the country, coming from a military family. However, she has called Minneapolis home for the past 14 years.

Dawn Swanson (Client Services Representative)

Dawn knows the meaning of commitment. She spent 26 years at Northwest Airlines and only decided to leave her position for the opportunity to work at Table For Two. Dawn brings years of experience in customer service and project management.

Dawn brings a very infectious laugh and a nice smile. Clients frequently hear her laugh over the phone and know exactly who she is when they walk in the front door of the office. Dawn enjoys spending time with her family and friends, as well as walks with her large, hairy dog (a Siberian Husky-German Shepard mix).

Dawn is proud to be part of the staff at Table For Two and is extremely dedicated to our clients. She works hard daily to enhance their lives in many ways.

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