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Dinner and Wine

Wouldn't have met otherwise
"September 23rd will be the second anniversary of our Table for Two date. March 25th of this year we bought a house together and as of last week we are engaged to be married. Many times Karen and I have sung your praises to other singles. We are amazed that someone there had the insight to match us together. We always joke that, because of the different circles we travel in, that we would never have met or, given each other a second glance, if we had met on the street. Your service gave us an opportunity to meet, without pressure, and develop an incredibly fabulous relationship. It is hard for me to describe the happiness that I feel and the comfort, (excitement?!), that this relationship has brought into my life. Thanks for introducing me to Karen!"

- Joe meeting Karen

We'll be seeing each other again!
I had a great time with Michelle. She was interesting, funny, intelligent, and very attractive. We exchanged business cards and made plans to go to a Wild game in a few weeks. So I am pretty confident we will be seeing each other again.

- Jack meeting Michelle

I felt an immediate attraction...
The restaurant was fantastic - we had fun with the server. She made me feel very welcome and comfortable waiting for Mike to arrive. We had to reschedule our date 3 times because one of us was sick or because of our work schedules. So, there was a lot of anticipation with this one! After just a short time - I felt an immediate attraction - there truly was an instant spark. I knew I wanted to get to know him better. In fact before the date ended, we made a second date to go fishing. I'm excited!

- Jill meeting Mike

Our dinner lasted 3 1/2 hours.
It was fantastic, great, we spent the first few hours talking about romance. She knew I was a romantic individual when I arrived with a card and a rose in hand. She thanked me four times for the gesture - Our dinner lasted 3 1/2 hours. We have already e-mailed each other and it's probably no surprise that we will see each other again. We just have to decide where!

- Ted meeting Susan

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