What We Do

Well Matched Singles

Table for Two is your premier Minnesota dating service. For us, it's not about dates. It's about results.

We exist to connect you with well-matched singles you might not otherwise meet. You can go on with your life knowing we're constantly on the lookout for you.

As a Table for Two client, you receive...

  • Personal Consultation - A two hour personal consultation with an expert Table for Two coach.
  • A Plan - A custom plan that outlines what you can expect from us, tailored for your lifestyle and needs.
  • Professional Image Consulting - You'll look and feel your very best.
  • Professional Photographer - Access to a magazine quality photographer for professionally-taken photos.
  • Handpicked Matches - Arranged dates with hand-picked matches based on your specific preferences.
  • Relationship Coaching - Access to Dating Success Assessment and Coaching.
  • Access to Local Singles - Access to the best local singles - individuals who are interested in results, not just dates.
  • Guidance - Extensive counsel, coaching and follow-up from a Table for Two staff expert.
  • Concierge Services - Client concierge services available only to Table for Two clients.
  • 1 Year Activation - Twelve months of "active" search time and twelve months of "hold" time.

How We Work

We want one thing and one thing only: your complete satisfaction with your Table for Two dating experience. And here's how we do it!

Quality, not quantity

Think of a real estate agent. Your agent meets with you. Gets a sense of what you're looking for. Shows you a few houses, listens to your feedback and then refines the search. Your agent could drive you around to a hundred houses but what a waste of time!

That's how we feel about dating. We don't want to set you up on a string of random meetings with just anyone. We want to hit it right on.

Careful preparation

We get to know you with our comfortable and unique interviewing style. Remember, we're not here to simply fill a quota or check a box: our expert coaches go much deeper than a checklist of "likes and dislikes."

The main course

Once we're confident we know enough about you to make a good match, we'll hand pick your first dates. With your approval, we take care of all the arrangements for setting up your date. For security purposes, the reservations are made under first names only. Advance arrangements are made with the restaurant to provide separate checks.

At the end of the date, you can exchange business cards, phone numbers or make plans to get together again. If the person isn't for you, the date lasts only as long as the meal.

Check, please!

At Table for Two, security is a priority. We're the only Minnesota dating service that conducts a background check on every potential client before they become a part of Table for Two. We also respect the confidentiality of all our clients' information. We only give out first names, and we never reveal your email address, phone number or where you work.

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